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Always seeking to ensure the best quality products and services, the NPB Granites has been offering to its customers since the 90s, the most complete line of marble and granite, with the quality and care that only she possesses, our main goal is always committed to the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, employees and also the preservation of the environment.


Through the styles of modern design, which combine practicality with beauty ideals execute projects, to meet the needs and desires of our customers, adapting quality and quick delivery times, we are specialized in serving contractors, quarries, distributors and consumers. To this end, we produce large-scale plates Gross, polished, apicoadas, flameadas like tiles, countertops, walls and all kinds of pieces in marble and granite, all with the highest standard of quality.


We executed perfectly performing any work as projects under the scope of its directors as architects, decorators, designers, engineers, etc ...


Our goal is always to bring the sector of ornamental rocks, integrity, respect, professionalism and competence.


Our products are transported covered up by an insurance policy, which ensures our customer the assurance of your investment.


MISSION: To generate results, within the ethics and legality, to meet the expectations of customers, employees, suppliers and community offering our customers the quality, uniqueness and good services that mark the history of the company in the segment of Ornamental Stones.


VISION: To be recognized as a provider of diversified line of ornamental and qualified services, which add value to the production process, generating results more profitable for all involved.


VALUES: Credibility, Commitment, integrity, respect for the environment, valuing people.



Ro. Cachoeiro x Alegre, s/n° - Km 07
Duas Barras - Cep: 29308-843
Cachoeiro de Itapemirim - ES

phone: (28) 3539-8233
                  (28) 3539-8199
E-mail: [email protected]
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